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For this article, I will discuss as the title we present above, for the subject this time it is included in the category Insurance Companies / Life Insurance , because each of our discussions is grouped with their respective sub.
Insurance is often considered one eye by the people of Indonesia. If you compare, of the 10 Indonesians, who have insurance may only be 2-3 people. This is inseparable from the lack of public awareness of the importance of having insurance , especially life insurance.

Life insurance is a type of insurance that will provide protection to individuals and families from financial losses due to the risk of death, lifelong disability, until it is no longer productive.

Life insurance is like the saying "Provide an umbrella before it rains". So, before an unwanted risk occurs, you have to be on guard beforehand. That way, your life can be calmer because you already have protection. Family finance can also be more stable because of the sum assured if you die.


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In choosing the best life insurance, there are a number of steps that you must pay attention so that later you will not misstep, as quoted from the comparison and submission site of HaloMoney.co.id financial products, namely:

1. Get to know life insurance products

The first step is to recognize the insurance product first. You need to know that there are four best types of life insurance in Indonesia, namely:

- Term life insurance

Term life insurance, also known as term life insurance, is life insurance that protects you for a certain period of time. Usually the contract period offered ranges from 5, 10 to 20 years with a fixed premium.

- Life insurance for life

Whole life insurance is a life insurance that will provide protection for the rest of your life or until you reach the maximum age of 100 years. The premium paid is higher than term life insurance.

- Dual-purpose life insurance

As the name implies, this dual purpose life insurance has two benefits for its users, namely term life insurance and savings. So later, there will be a sum insured if the insured dies and you can also withdraw the policy within a certain period before the contract period is completed. This type of best life insurance is more in demand by the public.

- Unit link life insurance

If dual purpose life insurance offers insurance and savings, unit link life insurance offers insurance and investment in it. Actually the premium offered is not much different from the number of the three other best life insurance types, except that the sum insured is the lowest. This insurance is actually not unusual, because it combines with investment so that premiums or insurance contributions are fairly expensive compared to pure life insurance or pure investment.

2. Adjust premiums to financial capabilities
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Premium is a budget that you have to spend every month to pay for insurance. Premium payments can be done monthly, quarterly or quarterly, six months or semester, or yearly.

To be sure, adjust the premium amount with your monthly budget. Ideally, the allocation of funds to pay for the best life insurance is 10-20 percent of the total monthly income. So, if your monthly income is IDR 10 million, then you can take a maximum premium of IDR 1 million per month.

3. Know the amount of the sum insured

His name is also life insurance, surely there will be a sum assured. This is the value that the insurance company will pay to you or your heirs. The amount of the sum insured is very much related to the premium paid. The higher the premium paid, usually the higher the sum assured.

But there are also high premiums, but the sum insured is very small. This usually happens because the benefits of premiums are divided into two, namely for savings or investments such as the type of dual-purpose life insurance and unit link life insurance.

4. Pay attention to the insurance company's track record
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Now is the time for you to choose an insurance company. When choosing an insurance company, choose one that has high credibility. This can be seen from the track record of the insurance company. Are there certain awards given over the past few years? The award can be an indication that the life insurance company has a good track record in the eyes of the public.

In addition, the best life insurance companies in Indonesia are also supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority) and have a minimum risk-based capital level or RBC (Risk Based Capital) that is in accordance with the provisions. Choose an insurance company that has a high RBC above the minimum requirement.

For example, insurance companies must have RBC of 120 percent. If the insurance company has RBC 300 percent, it means that the insurance company's assets and funds are strong enough to be up to three times the required conditions. 300 percent of RBC means the insurance company can pay claims three times more if the insurance must pay claims to all customers at one time.

5. Make sure a licensed life insurance agent

Not all agents offering insurance to you are official agents of life insurance companies. There are agents who only apply as brokers or intermediaries. So before buying the best life insurance, first make sure that the insurance agent that offers you is an agent that has an AAJI license (Indonesian Life Insurance Association).

The best life insurance agent that has an AAJI license can be responsible for helping you when there are administrative constraints or obstacles during the process.

6. Choose the best service
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Did you know that a good insurance company can also be seen in terms of the services provided. Always choose an insurance company that has 24-hour customer service so that later you can help you whenever you need it, be it when you want to ask certain information or when you want to make a claim. Not infrequently there are insurance companies that are blacklisted by the community because the service claims are very poor.

7. Compare with other insurance companies

Each insurance company has the advantages of the best different life insurance products. Therefore, you must be smart and do not immediately decide quickly in choosing the best life insurance.

You can see this comparison in terms of premiums, contract period, sum insured, and benefits. If necessary, you can ask for insurance agents to make illustrations first so you can easily learn about the products offered.

8. Study the contents of the policy carefully
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Sometimes when we are fit and feel okay to buy something, we often forget to check carefully the items we will buy. This also applies when we buy the best life insurance. This attitude should be avoided because insurance has a short period of contract. So always learn the contents of the policy provided by the insurance agent.

Pay attention to every detail point listed, especially points about the best life insurance claim provisions. If something is poorly understood, you should ask the insurance agent who offered you directly.

9. Register when you are young

Generally insurance companies set minimum or maximum requirements or criteria for a certain age, whether for health insurance or life insurance. This is because the young age has a lower risk than old age. So do not be surprised if for the age of under 30 years the premium offered will be cheaper compared to life insurance premiums for ages over 30 years and so on.

The more your age increases, the higher the premium you have to pay. So it's better to register yourself since you were young. Insurance premiums are flat aka the range remains the same during the contract period. So if you register at the age of 25 years with a 10-year contract period, then for 10 years the premium will remain the same and not change.

That's nine important things that must be known by beginners before choosing an insurance company. Get the best insurance to protect yourself and your family on the HaloMoney.co.id site.

Thus our article which we give the title: hopefully it can add to our knowledge in all categories. Insurance Companies / Life Insurance . Please come back and always follow our other articles which are of course very interesting and useful. Terimakasih

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