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For this article, I will discuss as the title we present above, for the subject this time it is included in the category Insurance Companies / Life Insurance , because each of our discussions is grouped with their respective sub.
Because it is identified with death coverage, many people end up feeling uncomfortable when talking about life insurance. In fact, in fact everyone needs this type of insurance protection as a financial risk transfer program.

Moreover, those of you who are married and have dependents, be it a husband or wife partner, children, and parents. Because the definition of life insurance is a protection program in the form of transfer of financial risk of death or life of someone who is insured.

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In the concept of risk sharing, those who bear each other's risks are the participants themselves not insurance companies, so that insurance companies are not insurers but function as trustees.

Obstacles, there are still many people who do not think about having this type of insurance when it is safe. Even though protection is needed at a certain time or risk.

In Indonesia alone, the container and shelter and channeling the aspirations of the Life and Reinsurance Company are the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI). The life insurance industry continues to increase the number of licensed life insurance marketers in Indonesia.

By applying for life insurance online, you will get many benefits for family and personal protection. Check various terms and documents needed, then immediately submit life insurance online and easily only through..

According to the division, life insurance consists of several products, each of which has different benefits to serve a variety of customer needs and capabilities.

Term Life Insurance (Term)
This product has a characteristic of maximum protection with relatively low premiums. Therefore, this product is attractive for prospective insured who have large insurance needs but limited purchasing power.
Lifetime Life Insurance (Whole Life)
The hallmark of lifelong life insurance is the basic type of permanent life insurance that provides a lifetime of insurance protection for someone. Usually the prospective policy holder for this insurance is someone who wants to have life protection while generating savings funds that can be used for emergency needs, requires permanent income protection (the cost of hospital bills), and wants to get some growth in investment capital.
Endowment Life Insurance
This product has a protective characteristic that gives the sum insured when the insured dies within a certain period. And provide all the sum insured if he is still alive at the end of the coverage. These two benefits cause dual-purpose mention. This product is useful for prospective policyholders who want the insured to be protected from financial impacts due to premature death. There are two divisions in this type of product, namely Unit Link Single Life Insurance (Single Premium) and Regular Unit Link Life Insurance (Periodic Premium).
There is also the term rider , which is a set of special provisions or additions to life insurance policies, which are added to strengthen and complement the coverage of the basic policy and its benefits. A life insurance company offers riders with the aim of making their policies unique and attractive to their customers. But remember, riders are not part of the basic policy.

Some of the risks that can be borne by life insurance are death from accidents (accidental death) , permanent disability (critical disability) , critical illness (term illness) , term additional benefits , additional hospital benefits (hospital cash / income benefits ) , the benefits of additional spouse and children benefits , as well as children benefits .

Today, life insurance companies generally offer health insurance policies that have similarities in terms of products and benefits. Every company offers the best life insurance they have. However, in order not to be wrong when choosing, you need to pay attention to the complete aspects of the program offered and the life insurance benefits that you will buy.

An example is, the product you buy must have coverage that includes protection for father, mother and children; protection for all types of diseases, both outpatient and inpatient, as well as critical and disabled diseases; protection of operating costs, doctor consultation, hospitalization costs, and drugs; and the cost of labor, both normal and caesarean.

This product protection not only provides a financial loss for someone who has died, but also can bear financial losses for someone whose life is no longer productive. That is, someone who has reached the productive age limit and is unable to earn a living or finance his children.

So by buying life insurance, the risks that might be suffered in the sense of losing the opportunity to earn income will be borne by the insurance company. So, it can be said if the main purpose possessed is to bear or guarantee someone against financial losses.

To apply for a life insurance product, there are actually no special conditions. In general, the main requirements are completeness of documents and approvals related to premium payments and submission of claims later.

However, you need to pay attention to age when applying for this life insurance product. Because, in general, premium costs will be much cheaper if you buy them at the age of less than 35 years. For this reason, why there are currently more people under 35 years already preparing life insurance for themselves, children, parents, wives, and siblings.

Generally the insurance provides convenience and relief. Because customers under the age of 35 have a lower risk of experiencing health problems.

Everyone can follow and be free to choose a provider company. Even though previously you were obliged to read and understand available life insurance information and prepare the required documents. Usually, when you first want to apply for life insurance, there are several documents needed. In general, the documents that must be prepared are:

Completed insurance application form
Copy / Scan of KTP
Birth certificate
Family card
First premium payment

Thus our article which we give the title: hopefully it can add to our knowledge in all categories. Insurance Companies / Life Insurance . Please come back and always follow our other articles which are of course very interesting and useful. Terimakasih

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