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For this article, I will discuss as the title we present above, for the subject this time it is included in the category General Insurance / Life Insurance , because each of our discussions is grouped with their respective sub.
Or maybe you've also heard the term accident insurance?

Many say that accident insurance is the same as Work Accident Insurance. Is that right? And does the insurance company provide an Occupational Accident Guarantee?

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Does the insurance company provide work accident insurance?
In everyday life, we often equate work accident insurance with accident insurance.

The second objective is indeed the same, namely to provide protection against the risk of unexpected accidents.

But when viewed from the organizer and the range of risks that can be borne by the two insurance companies, they are different.

Work Accident Insurance is a government program that is required for all employees of a company. This guarantee is included in one of the BPJS Employment programs.

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While accident insurance is a product offered by the government or the private sector, intended for people who want to get protection against the risk of accidents.

Accident insurance offered by the government is one of the programs of BPJS Kesehatan.

While from the private sector, accident insurance is one of the protection programs offered to the general public, either through unit link insurance policies or traditional insurance policies.

Protection from an Occupational Accident Guarantee is limited to the risk of accidents that occur during work or in a work relationship.

While accident insurance protects participants from any accidents that can occur, including accidents while working.

So we can conclude that the insurance company does not provide work accident insurance specifically.

Accident protection while working is included in the part of accident insurance benefits or health insurance offered by insurance companies.

Work Accident Insurance as a government program has its own advantages compared to Accident Insurance from insurance companies.

What are the benefits of an Work Accident Guarantee? We will discuss in more detail about this.

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Accident insurance
Occupational Accident Insurance (JKK) is a government program aimed at providing protection to workers.

JKK guarantees accident risks that occur within the scope of work and employment relations.

The risks included in this category are accidents when traveling from home to work or vice versa.

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JKK also applies to any illness caused by the work environment.

JKK contributions are borne by the employer (company) paid to BPJS Employment.

Contributions paid are adjusted to the level of risk of the work environment, the amount of which is the maximum evaluated in every two years.

The following is the percentage of contribution value based on the level of risk of the work environment.

Very low risk level: 0.24% of wages per month.
Low risk level: 0.54% of wages per month.
Medium risk level: 0.89% of wages per month.
High risk level: 1.27% of monthly wages.
Very high risk level: 1.74% of wages per month.
What are the benefits of work accident insurance?
BPJS Employment offers JKK programs with a variety of benefits, ranging from health services to scholarships for children. If you do not know the benefits of JKK, here are 6 benefits of the Work Accident Guarantee from BPJS Employment.

Health services
Money-Formed Compensation
Return to Work Program
Promotive and Preventive Activities
Children's Education Scholarship
Long Validity
How to claim work accident insurance?
As a participant who is protected by the BPJS Employment Accident, then when a work accident occurs, the company will conduct two stages of accident reports on BPJS Employment:

Report events after an accident (maximum 2 x 24 hours).
Then report on the condition of the participants after getting a doctor's treatment.
After that, BPJS Employment will calculate the amount of compensation or compensation to be given to participants or heirs (if participants are declared dead).

Take advantage of the Work Accident Guarantee from the Government Program
Government programs of course provide more benefits to protect you while working with a more affordable premium.

But work accident insurance by BPJS Employment is usually only offered to companies that have a registered workforce.

Therefore, if you get a work accident insurance from the place where you work, make the best use of the program.

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