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Differences between Sharia and Conventional Insurance

There are seven fundamental differences between Takaful and conventional insurance.

The differences are:

1. Asuransi Syari'ah has a Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS), which oversees the marketed products and fund investment management. This Sharia Supervisory Board is not found in conventional insurance.

2. Akad which is implemented on sharia insurance based on help, please. While conventional insurance based on buying and selling

3. Fund investment in sharia insurance based on profit sharing ( mudharabah ). Meanwhile, conventional insurance uses interest ( riba ) as the basis for calculating the investment

4. Ownership of funds in sharia insurance is the right of participants. The company only as the holder of the trust to manage it. In conventional insurance, funds collected from customers (premiums) belong to the company. Thus, the company is free to determine its investment allocation.

5. In the mechanism, Sharia insurance does not recognize the charred fund as found in conventional insurance. If during the contract period the participant is unable to continue paying the premium and wishes to resign before the reversing period, then the entry fee may be taken back, except for a small portion of the intended funds for the tabarru '.

6. The payment of claims on sharia insurance is taken from tabarru' funds (funds of virtue) of all participants who from the beginning have been informed that there is a provision of funds that will be used as a fund to help each other the participants in case of disaster. While on conventional insurance claims payment is taken from the company's funds account.

7. Profit sharing on Shariah insurance is shared between the company and the participant in accordance with the principle of profit sharing with a predetermined proportion. While on conventional insurance all profits become the property of the company.

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