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For this article, I will discuss as the title we present above, for the subject this time it is included in the category Insurance Companies / Life Insurance , because each of our discussions is grouped with their respective sub.
When deciding to stop working and start your own business, one thing that needs to be addressed is a matter of health costs. How will it be financed? One of them is taking Health Insurance . What is the best health insurance in Indonesia in 2019? What is good family health insurance?

But the problem is, how to choose the Best Health Insurance . How we, as lay people, can determine and choose good health insurance.

With that intention, the review was conducted on offers from four leading insurance companies, namely Allianz health insurance, AXA health insurance, Manulife health insurance and Cigna health insurance and Prudential health insurance (update 2019).

The five are quite well-known providers and have the most extensive network of hospital cooperation.

Each of us see and compare the benefits and premiums to each other.

Health insurance is insurance that provides reimbursement of health costs if the policy holder is hospitalized due to an illness or accident. The amount of reimbursement is according to the number of bills from the hospital with certain limits based on the insurance plan taken.

Insurance is an important part of Managing Family Finance .

Health insurance is different from critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance provides cash compensation if you suffer from certain critical illnesses. Cash compensation is given once in lump-sum.

Before looking at each offer, it's good to discuss first what ideal criteria are. After that, we can determine which health insurance is good.

Best Health Insurance 2019
According to various literatures and financial planner opinions, things that should be considered in determining good health insurance are:

With cashless, claim replacement becomes easier. When you are admitted to a hospital, you do not need to pay, but simply complete the bill by swiping the insurance card. No need to pay upfront, which then still has to be reimbursed.

However, this cashless requires the hospital where you are treated to have collaborated with the Insurance because the hospital must have and install a machine to swipe the insurance card. If not cooperation, even though insurance has a cashless claim system, you are forced to pay in advance and then complete with reimbursement.

 Broad Hospital Network
Cashless claims cannot be done in hospitals that do not have cooperation with insurance. Therefore, choose insurance that has a network of cooperation with many hospitals. Make sure your subscription hospital (if any) works with the health insurance that will be chosen.

 Appropriate ceiling and premium
Ideally the health insurance ceiling is chosen as desired. If the scheme taken is lower, when you are hospitalized, you have to incur additional costs to cover the shortages that are not guaranteed by insurance.

Of course, the high ceiling is directly related to the amount of premium. The more expensive the price of a hospital room, the more expensive the premium is. Adjust premiums with ability, don't even burden your finances. Must be prepared trade-offs between premiums and ceilings. Although it is often not easy, because of health problems, for example the selection of hospital rooms, people are more emotional and tend to want to be comfortable and good, which implies an expensive room price.

 Pure Health Insurance
Choose a stand-alone health insurance, not a unit-link life insurance rider. Why? Expensive. In unit-links, premiums will be divided for life insurance, investment and new health insurance. The portion for health is small, so you have to pay more to get a higher ceiling. Not to mention, a number of unit-link costs are not small, which further reduces health premiums.

In pure insurance (see what is Pure Insurance here) , premiums are intended solely for health insurance coverage and cost deductions are also not as big as the unit-link costs, so premiums become cheaper or insurance coverage becomes higher. If you want proof, compare the sum insured and the amount of premium between pure health insurance and health insurance which is part of the unit-link.

 Prioritize hospitalization
Health costs include outpatient and inpatient care. It is better to focus on insurance that covers the cost of hospitalization because this treatment is the highest cost. If you have more money, you can take additional outpatient insurance.

 Without Limit per Treatment
There is a limit or ceiling that limits the maximum number of health cost claims. Generally, insurance applies two types of limits, first is the combined limit of all treatments and the second is the limit per treatment. For example, the first limit limits the combined cost of all maintenance costs to Rp 250 million a year, while the second limit limits the cost of surgical maintenance to Rp 10 million a year, the cost of consultation is Rp 10 million a year and so on.

There is insurance that only uses the first limit, there is only the second limit and some use both limits simultaneously. We recommend that you choose insurance that applies the first limit, or in other words does not limit the cost per treatment. That is to say that flexible policy holders treat various treatments as long as the total limit is still there. Insurance that limits the first limit and the second limit, of course, the least ideal.

 Pay attention to Credit Card Auto Debit Payments
Even though it seems to make it easier and usually paid monthly (it seems lighter), please be careful to make payments by auto-debit credit cards (want to know how to manage credit cards, see here ) . If you are forced to use this method because insurance does not provide other payment alternatives, make sure you know when the payment starts and how the process if you want to stop.

 Avoid taking health insurance via telephone
Tele-marketing health insurance offers began to appear. Usually in collaboration with credit card issuers. Related to products that are quite complex, such as this insurance, you should reflect, analyze and if you have time to do research, before making a decision. Therefore, I do not recommend taking decisions immediately when offered by telemarketing. I have experienced the quick and concise process of the bidding, so there is a lot of detailed information that cannot be conveyed due to the limited time. If you are interested and need time to think about it, you can ask the insurance contact number, which you can contact when you are ready.

 Disease Waiting Period
Health insurance requires a waiting period, some diseases cannot be claimed for a certain period of time from the date of the insurance period. For example, Cigna determined the following disease could only be claimed 12 months later, namely asthma; TB (Tuberculosis); kidney stones, urinary tract and bladder; high blood pressure (hypertension), heart and blood vessels; Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus); Vertigo; and others. Ask the insurance company what is the waiting period and how long.

 Family Health Insurance
Generally, people take health insurance, not only for themselves, but also for families. Therefore it is necessary to choose good and cheap family health insurance by taking into account: (1) the best health insurance for the family; (2) family premiums are cheaper; (3) cashless facilities for families; (4) good health insurance for children, because the expenses for the treatment of children are usually the biggest.

See Health Insurance
The family health insurance program that I submitted was 3 family members, husband (age 41 years), wife (age 41 years) and daughter (age 5 years). The cost of an inpatient room is Rp. 750,000 per day. The benefits of each insurance are presented in the table below (full table take here ).

asuransi kesehatan terbaik
The total annual premium is Rp. 11,250,000 for hospitalization. Interestingly, the limit of hospitalization in a room worth Rp. 750,000 reaches 180 days a year, including the highest among others. However, Allianz applies limits per treatment that vary depending on the type of treatment. Meanwhile, there is no total limit limit as far as combined treatment is concerned. Cashless system.

You can check in Allianz health insurance .

AXA Insurance
AXA insurance has a total annual premium of Rp 12,674,000 for hospitalization. Although more expensive than others, AXA Insurance does not apply limits per treatment. Care is paid according to receipts, which are limited to the combined maintenance limit of Rp80 million a year. There is a combined total limit of one year worth IDR 250,000,000 per person. Hospitalization with rooms worth Rp. 750,000 per day, maximum only 60 days a year, less than Allianz. Cashless system.

Complete check on AXA health insurance .

The AXA health insurance discussed is provided by AXA General Insurance , not by AXA Mandiri Financial Services and AXA Financial Indonesia.

AXA Insurance in Indonesia is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and is part of AXA Group, one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the world.

AXA Insurance provides general insurance protection, namely home insurance and its contents, vehicles, trips, and health and personal accident for personal and family.

Update 2019:

One of AXA Insurance innovations in 2019 is buying insurance online. At this time, you enter the AXA Insurance website and can make insurance purchases online.

Not only insurance purchases, the AXA insurance site also provides facilities for making claims online. The method and requirements for the document to make a claim are described in full in the online claim procedure.

AXA insurance products sold online are as follows:

Health insurance . AXA Hospital Plus Life which is a health and life insurance can be submitted online. This product provides benefits for reimbursing hospital hospitalization costs and compensation for grief and benefits of returning 100% premiums in the 12th year.

Life Insurance . AXA LIFE & SAVE is a life insurance product that provides protection to customers in the form of Death and Death if the Insured remains alive until the end of the protection period.

Car insurance . AXA SmartDrive protects vehicles with comprehensive vehicle insurance and extensive benefits.

Travel insurance . AXA SmartTraveller is an online travel insurance that protects Travel Delays; Protection of luggage and personal property; and Travel Reduction. AXA travel insurance Indonesia is needed, one of them, as a condition for applying for a European Schengen visa.

Purchasing insurance through online has several advantages, namely:

First , there is no need to meet an insurance sales agent, because for some people, the relationship with the agent is not pleasant. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in buying insurance but don't want to deal with an agent, buying insurance online can be the solution.

Second , buying online is not limited by time and place. You can do it anytime, don't have to make an appointment at a certain place and time.

Digital insurance helps people outside Java, which may have limited access to insurance products. We understand that insurance penetration is still in Java, while the need for insurance protection exists throughout Indonesia.

Third , the opportunity to get cheap premiums because online you can easily compare insurance premiums between one product with another product, without having to go to the insurance company one by one.

Fourth , in online purchases you get access to product reviews. You can read reviews of insurance products from people who have previously submitted the product.

CIGNA Insurance
Cigna Asuransi is a registered life insurance company supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), founded in 1990 and a subsidiary of Cigna Corporation from the United States.

At the end of 2017, Cigna Insurance Indonesia had a solvability ratio, or RBC (Risk Based Capital) of 784% above government regulations of 120%.

Cigna has family health insurance, namely Family EaziCare . The premium is determined by how much compensation per day and the oldest age. For example in this example, the compensation per day is IDR 800,000 and the oldest age is 41 years, then the premium per month is IDR 716,600 (details see in Cigna premium ) or a year of IDR 8,599,200 for a maximum of five members. Seen the premium is relatively cheap, especially can provide coverage for up to five family members.

However, the form of benefits in Cigna Insurance is somewhat different, namely cash compensation. When treated, Cigna receives a lump-sum compensation per day, for example Rp. 800 thousand, for a maximum of 60 days, no matter how much the room costs and actual maintenance costs are incurred.

That is, less or more depends on the difference in the total cost of the room and the cost of care compared to the amount of compensation. Although the premiums look cheap, the benefits are indeed smaller than other insurance premiums are more expensive. Cashless system.

I think this Cigna Health Insurance product is suitable for those of you who (1) because of financial limitations have not been able to pay expensive premiums, but want to have health insurance protection; or (2) already have health insurance from the office but are deemed insufficient and want to increase the protection of health costs.

"Premium Health Protection" Cigna Insurance
For a more comprehensive health insurance product, Cigna also provides "Cigna Premium Health Protection ", which provides benefits including:

Benefits of Outpatient Care. Starting from the cost of general practitioners, specialist doctors, examination fees, laboratories to the cost of medicines.

Benefits of Daily Inpatient Care. Start the daily costs of hospitalization, ICU, surgery and consultation to medical examination after hospitalization.

Access to Overseas Care. Extensive access to health protection from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia to Thailand.

Routine Health Check. Every 2 years, to facilitate you and your family in anticipating or detecting health problems as early as possible.

Cigna Premium Health Protection provides a choice of health protection benefits that can be tailored to your needs and your family, starting from Rp100 - Rp500 Million per year with premiums starting from Rp300 thousand per month.

"Cigna Family Care" Family Health Insurance
In 2019, I checked that Cigna insurance offered a pretty good family health insurance, namely "CIGNA FAMILY CARE".

Family health insurance "Cigna Family Care" provides health protection for families, which can protect up to 5 insured people - or five nuclear family members, namely the family head, spouse and three children - in one policy with one premium .

The benefits of this family health insurance are (1) Daily benefits of Hospital Care starting from Rp. 300,000 - Rp. 1,200,000 per Insured; (2) the daily benefits of hospitalization in the ICU starting from Rp 600,000 - Rp 2,400,000 per Insured; (3) Benefits of Surgery, which is given if the Insured requires surgery, whether caused by illness or accident, with benefits per incident starting from Rp. 6,000,000 - Rp. 24,000,000 per Insured; (4) Outpatient after Hospital Care, which is given after the Insured is hospitalized for at least 5 days or more at the Hospital and will be paid according to the bill until it reaches the maximum benefit limit. This benefit applies only to outpatient events that occur within 30 days of the Insured being hospitalized

All benefits are cashless family health insurance except outpatient care after hospital treatment, namely in a reimbursement.

Manulife as one of the best insurance in Indonesia offers health insurance which is a rider or addition to term-life life insurance. Although not pure health insurance, this program has interesting benefits, not inferior to pure insurance. The total annual premium is Rp 9,854,000 for hospitalization. In addition to the cheaper premiums from Allianz and AXA, the cost of the room covered is also higher, which is Rp 800,000 per day with a maximum of 60 days inpatient care. However, Manulife applies a relatively low limit per treatment, even though there is no combined limit of one year.

Manulife provides two benefits at the same time, life insurance and health insurance. Life insurance benefits here are not unit-links because there is no investment element. In addition to health care protection, you get life insurance protection worth IDR 600,000,000. We know that some other health insurance also provides compensation if the insured dies. But the amount is small. Nothing is as big as the coverage given by Manulife.

Looking for the Best Insurance in Indonesia
The four implement a cashless system, which is family health insurance with inpatient facilities and not part of the unit-link. So for these criteria, everything is pretty good. Let's look at other criteria.

AXA is ideal because the treatment limit is large enough with one limit (the limit is not broken down per treatment), while others apply different limits for each treatment. Allianz and Manulife have no total limits per year but limit the limit per treatment per year. For Manulife, because it provides additional life insurance coverage, we can reduce the life insurance coverage that we already have and use the excess premiums to increase health insurance premiums. Cigna limits both the limit per treatment and the total limit. In terms of ceilings, Cigna is the smallest because it provides it in the form of a cash plan, which does not replace the costs of inpatient care and doctor fees.

The cheapest is Cigna because in addition to the smallest amount of premiums, with premiums as low as that coverage can reach 5 family members (2 parents and 3 children). Meanwhile, other insurance, premiums are more expensive, and even then only for 3 family members (more members, higher premiums). But, again, premiums are related to benefits.

 Hospital Network
All have extensive cooperation. The information is for AXA and Manulife.

Choose Good Health Insurance?
Depends on. If you don't have insurance, I suggest you choose between Allianz, AXA or Manulife because they have the ideal ceiling. Meanwhile, if you already have insurance from the office and want to add coverage, my advice is to take Cigna because the premium is the most economical with reasonable coverage.

What if you need health insurance for our parents? Consider the article A Old Age Health Insurance protecting up to 79 years of age .

The importance of health and the high cost of treatment make insurance that protects these costs an important part in every family financial planning . Especially if there are no health facilities from the place of work. Be sure to choose insurance that best suits your needs and abilities, carefully. At least use the description above as a guide. Congratulations on choosing! Want to know other information and what is the estimated insurance premium for you, see here .

Update May 2016

Manulife: MiUltimate HealthCare, Cashless Health Insurance Change According to Bill
Manulife launches the latest pure health insurance product, the HealthCare MiUltimate (MiUHC). This health insurance has a number of features that are better than insurance - other health insurance.

This is cashless health insurance that makes payments in accordance with a health bill (as charged) with an annual limit, without an inner limit .

Manulife explained that this is an insurance that provides basic benefits, namely the Benefits of Hospital Care and the benefits of choice namely Outpatient Benefits, Benefits of Dental Care, and Benefits of Childbirth.

 Age of Entry of Parents is 18-70 years; Children: 6 months - 17 years.
 Premium Payment Methods: Annual, Semester, Quarterly and Monthly
The advantage over other health insurance is the following

# 1 Replacement according to bill without inner limit

Generally, health insurance applies the inner limit, which is the limit for every time you enter a hospital.

For example, a room plan of Rp. 500,000 in health insurance has an inner limit of Rp. 9.8 million for medical and laboratory costs (Various Hospital Care Costs) and an annual limit of Rp. 215 million (for all replacements, not just drugs and labs only).

That is, if you enter the hospital, the maximum cost of the drug and the lab covered is IDR 9.8 million. Moreover, the costs are borne by the participant even though the annual limit still exists.

With Manulife Mi Ultimate Health, all the drug and lab bills will be replaced because there is no inner limit. There is only an annual limit.

A room plan of Rp. 500 billion at Manulife MiUC has an annual limit of Rp. 1 M. That is, whatever the cost of the drug and the lab will be covered as long as the annual limit is still available.

For example, entering the hospital costs 50 million drugs, Manulife will replace it because it is still within the annual limit.

If you use health insurance that has an inner limit (for example 9.8 million), a 50 million bill will not be replaced by all.

You can see that health insurance without inner limits is more profitable.

# 2 There Is No Limitation on the Number of Hospitalization Days in a Year

Health insurance generally sets a maximum number of days of hospitalization in 1 year. There are 120 days or 150 days.

If the number of inpatient days has exceeded the limit, the insurance will not replace, even though the annual limit still exists.

MiUltimate Healthcare insurance does not limit the number of hospitalization days at the hospital. As long as the annual limit is still available, participants may continue hospitalization.

# 3 Automatic Plan Room Up 3x Fold (without added premium) If Overseas

Manulife provides room cost benefits of 3 times the plan chosen when treated worldwide (except the United States).

For example, if you choose a room plan of Rp. 500 thousand, then when you go abroad, the room benefits automatically increase by 3 times, which is Rp. 1.5 million (without additional fees).

This of course helps because overseas rooms are more expensive.

# 4 Family Insurance Discount

Manulife gives a premium discount of 5% when including your family member (family plan) for a minimum of 3 Insureds and the discount applies to the total premium paid.

For example, one family consists of 3 people, just buy this 1 MiHC policy. No need to buy 3 policies.

Because this is pure health insurance, participants also do not need to buy life or investment insurance to be able to participate. Just buy 1 health insurance policy.

# 5 Protection until the age of 80 years

Manulife provides protection for a long time, which is 80 years old. All participants are protected until the age of 80 while premium payments are current.

# 6 Additional 1 Billion (Free) Limit for Critical Illnesses

If you get critical illness, Manulife Mi Ultimate Healthcare provides additional limits.

Interestingly, there is no additional premium for this limit. You don't need to pay more for this.

For example, the annual limit is IDR 1M. Then being exposed to critical illness, Manulife automatically adds a limit of Rp. 1M to 2M (depending on plan), so that the total limit becomes Rp. 2M - 3M.

Critical illnesses that receive additional limits are Cancer, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Transplantation, Organs.

# 7 Physiotherapy and Diagnostic Test Fees (CT San) Covered

MiUltimate provides reimbursement that is generally not provided by health insurance.

First in Indonesia that offers new benefits, namely:

 Physiotherapy Treatment Fee (60 days from the date of discharge)
 Diagnostic Test Fee (Treatment Before Hospitalization, 30 days before admission to the Hospital) Reconstructive surgery due to mastectomy or accident
 Nursing care costs (max. 30 days after surgery or ICU as part of treatment costs after hospitalization)
 Traditional Chinese Medicine (optional)
 Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care (optional)
# 8 How much is the premium? Rp. 8-12 million for 3 family members

Is the premium expensive? Not really.

This is for example MiUltimate Healthcare health insurance for 3 family members (husband, wife and child).

The premium is Rp 12 million a year.


Update 2019:

Manulife Health Insurance has several provisions in the policy that need to be understood by prospective policyholders. This Health Insurance sets a Waiting Period, ie claims cannot be made while still in the waiting period, as follows:

30 days for all diseases
90 days for special cancers, if diagnosed it will not be borne forever. Meaning: if there is cancer before 90 days it will not be covered forever, but if the cancer occurs after 90 days of policy, then the cancer will be covered 12 months later.
12 months for 17 special diseases, benefits of childbirth and HIV / AIDS
Manulife Health Insurance does not cover the costs of immunization, vaccinations, food supplements, and others. Karen this fee is not a disease and has been explained in a health insurance policy.

Table of Benefits of Manulife 2019 Health Insurance

Room fees are available from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 3 million per day. The total coverage limit starts from IDR 1 billion to IDR 3 billion a year.
Manulife Health Insurance 2019

'Exceptions' clause
In a health insurance policy, one of the most important things to read is the 'exception' clause. This 'Exclusion' clause basically regulates a number of things that cannot be claimed.

Based on the health insurance policy and proposal that I read, there is an exclusion clause which states that the insurance company will not pay insurance benefits in terms of care and / or treatment related to :

All treatments and / or treatments related to pre-existing diseases or injuries ( Pre Existing Diseases )
including the complications.
Special Diseases, except the Policy has been valid for 12 (twelve) consecutive months.
Organ transplantation, including all treatments and / or treatments related to organ transplants.
All supporting devices or artificial aids or synthetic materials either outside or attached to the body.
Dialysis, including all treatments and / or treatments related to Dialisa.
Experimental, traditional and / or alternative treatments and treatments that are outside of western medicine that are not limited to acupuncture (unless done by a doctor), sinshe, fracture shaman, paranormal, chiropractor, naturopath, holistic and the like.
Psychiatric or neurological disorders including psychosis, neurosis, stress, depression, psychogeriatrics and physiological or psychosomatic manifestations, drug abuse treatment, drug and / or alcohol addiction.
The 'checks' clause above is one example that I took from a health insurance proposal. However, in general the contents of the 'exclusion' clause are almost the same among insurance companies.

Before taking health insurance, the best way is to first read the exclusion clause set by the insurance company concerned.

Insurance companies provide a free-look period for a certain period of time to policyholders wherein the policy holder can study the policy and be allowed to cancel the insurance policy if it is deemed necessary to obtain a premium without any deductions.

Health insurance is one of the most sought after. Especially since the Health BPJS was launched, many people needed alternative health services.

This guide discusses Cigna, Axa, Manulife and Allianz insurance. Looking for the best family insurance and good health insurance in Indonesia.

Hopefully this guide can help you choose the best health insurance for your family, cheap and good premiums.

Thus our article which we give the title: hopefully it can add to our knowledge in all categories. Insurance Companies / Life Insurance . Please come back and always follow our other articles which are of course very interesting and useful. Terimakasih

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