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Insurance is still not a thing that is popular in Indonesia because this service is still not widely known by everyone and the government itself is not very serious about introducing insurance actively. But not only that, insurance is not growing rapidly in Indonesia because indeed the people are not fully prosperous like developed countries. But, if you are already lucky to know about insurance or are curious about life insurance, then I suggest that you participate in one of the life insurance companies in Indonesia, this is beneficial for your financial protection if bad things are not desired happened to you.

Life insurance has long been part of financial planning in several developed countries. Although life insurance does not need to be part of everyone's financial plan choices, insurance can be very useful, especially for parents, young children and those who support couples or adults or children with disabilities. In addition to helping support dependents, life insurance can help provide cash immediately at death. Insurance proceeds are a source of cash that is useful for paying off debts, funeral fees, and income or inheritance taxes.

the best and most trusted insurance company

Besides that, it is a deposit for families left behind when they die and compensation for money when having an accident. Life insurance also plays an important role in bearing a percentage of hospital fees. This can be an attractive choice just in case you don't want it. There are even many insurance products that offer investments for retirement, investment education and much more.

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Life insurance offers several benefits that are not available from other financial instruments; but it also has a disadvantage.

Life insurance provides cash infusions to deal with financial consequences that are detrimental to the death of the insured.
Life insurance enjoys favorable tax treatment unlike other financial instruments.
Death benefits are generally tax-free for heirs.
Death allowances can be tax free if the policy is properly owned.
Cash value increases tax deferred during the life of the insured.
Cash withdrawals are treated on the basis of first-in-first-out (FIFO), therefore cash withdrawals until the total premiums paid are generally income tax exempt.
Policy loans are income tax free.
Life insurance policies can be exchanged for other life insurance policies (or for annuities) without incurring current taxes.
Has a fairly high investment value development that benefits you.
Note: All of the above statements are generally correct; but the tax benefits of life insurance have certain limitations which under the wrong circumstances can cause the stated tax benefits to be lost. Please discuss with your insurance and tax advisor.

Many life insurance policies are very flexible in terms of adjusting to the needs of policyholders. Death benefits can decrease at any time and premiums can be easily reduced, skipped or increased.

A cash value life insurance policy can be considered a repository that can be accessed with taxes from funds that are easily accessible if needed; however, assets that support these funds are generally stored in long-term investments, thus earning higher profits.

Policyholders sacrifice some current expenses to pay policy premiums. In addition, life insurance is usually purchased for the benefit of others and usually only indirectly for other people who are insured.
The value of cash submission is usually smaller than the premium paid in the first few years according to the prevailing policy and sometimes the policy holder cannot recover the premium paid if the policy is handed over.
The decision to purchase life insurance and life insurance positions can be complicated especially if the insurance is for housing planning, a business situation or a complicated family situation.
Premium payments that are late for a few days make the policy holder problematic and even reduce the value of investment and penalties, this is like coercion. Even they don't want to know our financial situation and don't accept any reason.
Large insurance deductions if we do not comply with the promise of paying the initial premium, can even find more than 30% of the value held because we withdraw the value of insurance that has been paid, even though we did not use the insurance at all.
The process of acquiring life insurance can be bothersome and confusing (eg. Can life insurance agents be trusted? Is this the right product and operator? How can medical funds be disbursed easily?).
Below are 10 of the best and most trusted life insurance companies in Indonesia with the most members and have a variety of insurance products that make it easier for you to choose insurance products that suit your needs. All insurance companies listed below are registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that they become registered insurance companies in the country and are protected by law so that you need not hesitate to choose them to protect your life.

the best and most trusted insurance company

AIA Financial is one of the leading life insurance companies in Indonesia and is a life insurance company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority. AIA Financial is a subsidiary of AIA Group.

AIA offers a variety of insurance products, including insurance with sharia principles, which include life insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance, insurance associated with investment, employee welfare programs, severance programs, and Pension Fund programs (DPLK).

These products are marketed by more than 10,000 experienced and professional salespeople through various distribution channels such as Agency, Bancassurance and Corporate Solutions (Pension & Employee Benefits).

The advantages and performance of AIA are also evidenced by the many awards received in the life insurance industry in Indonesia in recent years.

Allianz (Allianz Life; NYSE: AZ) is a multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany. His main business is insurance. In 2013, Allianz was the 25th largest company in the world according to a joint measure by Forbes magazine. Allianz was first established in 1890.

Allianz started its business in Indonesia by opening a representative office in 1981. In 1989, Allianz founded PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a general insurance company. Then, Allianz entered the life insurance, health and pension fund business by establishing PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996. In 2006, Allianz Utama and Allianz Life started a sharia insurance business.

Now Allianz Indonesia is supported by more than 1,400 employees and more than 20,000 salespeople and is supported by a network of banking partners and other distribution partners to serve more than 7 million insured in Indonesia.

AXA Mandiri Financial Services, or better known as AXA Mandiri, is one of the Life Insurance companies established since 1991, and headquartered in Jakarta. Currently the location of the head office is in the AXA Mandiri building, Jl. DR. Satrio Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Starting from the life insurance business in 2004, the success of AXA Mandiri continued with the construction of a general insurance business in 2011. AXA Mandiri is now more complete and solutions to customer needs, both financial and investment services, and protection solutions for soul and assets.

AXA Mandiri is a life insurance business, namely PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services and general insurance business, namely PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance, both of which are a joint venture between PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk and AXA Group. AXA operates with a focus on life insurance, general insurance and asset management through a variety of distribution channels under PT AXA Financial Indonesia, PT Asuransi AXA Indonesia, and PT AXA Asset Management Indonesia.

Established in 1995, PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) is part of Prudential plc, a leading group of financial services companies in the United Kingdom. As part of the Group with more than 168 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Prudential Indonesia is committed to developing its business in Indonesia.

Prudential Indonesia has a business license in the field of joint life insurance. Since the launch of its first unit linked investment insurance product in 1999, Prudential Indonesia has become the market leader for this product category in Indonesia. Prudential Indonesia provides a variety of products and services designed to meet and complement each of the financial needs of its customers in Indonesia. Prudential Indonesia has also established a Sharia business unit since 2007 and is believed to be the leader of the Sharia life insurance market in Indonesia since its founding.

PT Asuransi Cigna (Cigna Indonesia) is a life insurance company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Established in 1990, Cigna Indonesia is a subsidiary of Cigna Corporation, one of the largest health care companies in the United States market, headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, also operating internationally in 30 countries, and has around 95 million customers worldwide served by approximately 41,000 employees.

Cigna Indonesia has now grown and developed into one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia with excellence in providing products and services that reach consumers and business partners directly. At the end of 2016, Cigna Indonesia posted an achievement of a solvency ratio, or called RBC (Risk Based Capital) of 637% far above government regulations of 120%.

In line with its development, Cigna Indonesia has received a number of awards from various business institutions and magazines in Indonesia. The award proves Cigna's commitment to be a customer centric organization and always provide the best products and services for customers.

6. FWD
the best and trusted insurance company in Indonesia

PT FWD Life Indonesia ("FWD Life") is a joint life insurance company and part of the FWD Group. The products offered are insurance products, investment, insurance, and insurance, and insurance, and health insurance.

In addition to Indonesia, FWD Group has business networks in Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan including life insurance and health insurance, general insurance and employee benefits in several countries.

FWD is focused on developing new consumers by presenting easy-to-understand products, supported by leading digital technology. Through an approach that is tailored to customer needs, FWD will achieve its vision to become a leading insurance company in the Asia Pacific region that can regulate community goals about insurance.

Established in Asia since 2013, FWD is the business line of the investment group, Pacific Century Group. FWD Life is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Established in 1985, PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia (Manulife Indonesia) is part of Manulife Financial Corporation, a group of financial service providers from Canada that operates in Asia, Canada and the United States. Manulife Indonesia offers a variety of financial services including life insurance, accident and health insurance, investment services and pension funds to individual and business customers in Indonesia. Through a network of more than 9,000 employees and professional agents spread across 24 marketing offices, Manulife Indonesia serves more than 2.4 million customers in Indonesia. PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

At the end of 2016, Manulife had 35,000 employees, 70,000 agents and thousands of distributor partners serving more than 22 million customers. At the end of 2016, we managed funds of C $ 977 billion (US $ 728 billion), and in the past 12 months we paid almost C $ 26 billion in claims and other benefits to our customers. We operate in Asia, Canada and the United States where we have been serving customers for more than 100 years. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we are trading with the symbol 'MFC' on the Toronto, New York and Philippines stock exchanges, and with the symbol '945' in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment on December 31, 1859 under the name Nederlansche Indische Levenverzekering en Lijvrente Maatschappij (NILLMIJ), then turned into a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) in 1973, PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) continued to experience positive business dynamics and developments.

PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) remains a calculated player in the life insurance industry arena in the country. Jiwasraya made significant efforts to improve business performance. One of the indicators, total assets reached IDR 17 trillion in 2013, or increased by IDR 7.8 trillion compared to total assets in 2012 of IDR 9.3 trillion due to asset revaluation. Investment returns reached Rp1.7 trillion, an increase of Rp1.1 trillion.

The next indicator, 2013 profits recorded Rp457 billion, an increase of Rp268 billion. Premiums were recorded at IDR 5.775 trillion, with an increase of IDR 63.5 billion. In terms of insurance claims, Jiwasraya has high trust from customers. "Our number of claims in 2013 was around Rp. 5.27 trillion.

Jiwasraya has a large network of service offices consisting of 17 regional offices, 71 branch offices, and 412 area offices with the support of around 10,000 agents. Jiwasraya which consistently strengthens conventional products and continues to develop innovative insurance products, this has shown encouraging results.

PT Generali Life Insurance Indonesia is part of the Generali Group - a company founded in 1831, in Trieste, Italy. Generali Group is one of the largest life insurance companies in Europe and has been trusted as a leading insurance service provider.

Generali has successfully become a major player in the life insurance and investment industry in Indonesia with a clearly defined business strategy. Supported by more than 11,000 marketing agents and agent offices in almost all parts of Indonesia, Generali focuses on measures such as managing multi-distribution lines; the construction of long-term balanced partnerships with financial institutions and general distribution; and the provision of superior innovative products and value-added services to customers.

Thanks to the hard work and trust of the customers, Generali achieved a proud achievement, among others: was selected as the Top 2 for the Best Financial Performance of the 2015 Indonesia Insurance Choice Award by Warta Ekonomi and was selected as the Top 10 Employer of Choice Award 2015 by SWA Magazine.

sequislife's best and trusted insurance company

Sequis Life Life Insurance (Sequis Life) was established in 1984 under the name of PT Universal Life Indonesia (ULINDO) under the auspices of Gunung Sewu which later changed to Sewu New York Life (NYL) in 1992. In 2003 all NYL shares were acquired and the company changed its name to Sequis Life which focuses on serving individual and group customers through agency distribution channels that offer a variety of innovative products including life and health insurance.

Until the end of 2017 Sequis Life had total assets of Rp. 18.7 trillion, more than 410,000 total policies and supported by more than 14,500 professional marketing personnel. PT Sequis Life Life Insurance is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). So there is nothing to doubt about sequis life life insurance.

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And that's a complete explanation of the benefits of insurance, the advantages and disadvantages of life insurance, and a list of the ten best life insurance companies in Indonesia and trusted. Hopefully this article is useful for you and provides the best choice for your life insurance.

Source: Wikipedia and the website of each insurance company above.

Thus our article which we give the title: hopefully it can add to our knowledge in all categories. Insurance Companies / Life Insurance . Please come back and always follow our other articles which are of course very interesting and useful. Terimakasih

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