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5 High Blood Herbal Drugs Guaranteed

High blood is one of the diseases that can cause more severe disease, high blood itself is caused by blood pressure in the arterial channels that have increased.

For those of you who have hypertension / high blood disease, you should take some hypertensive herbs or hypertension drugs on a regular basis. Herbal medicine for high blood is very tasty and is often consumed by many people, curious what is the medicine? Let's refer to the following reviews:

1. Cucumber
Herbal headaches are not much different from high blood pressure because usually headaches are also caused due to high blood pressure. The fix is ​​to consume cucumber because the cucumber itself contains potassium minerals that can lower high blood pressure.

You just need to consume raw cucumber every day and can be used as a juice, but not too often also because it can lower blood pressure too much. So consume it regularly but still not too excessive because it is not good for your health.

2. Cantaloupe
Herbal next hypertension is Blewah which is one of the commonly presented fruits when the month of Ramadan because it is very refreshing. Cantaloupe has a potassium mineral content as well so consuming blewah every day will keep high blood pressure still normal.

3. Seaweed
Seaweed is a Herbal remedy for high blood then you must know because seaweed can lower high blood pressure. Japanese research shows that seaweed is able to treat hypertension and beneficial for those of you who have high cholesterol.

4. Onion Bombay
The next high blood herbal drug is a Bombay onion that is useful for controlling blood pressure and suppress cholesterol levels in the blood. The trick is to consume onions regularly Bombay 4 times a week for maximum results.

5. Mengkudu
Mengkudu is a fresh fruit that smells less savory, but this fruit is rich in health benefits. Mengkudu can be used as high blood medicine by consuming raw, can be used as juice or consume directly, add honey to make it more delicious.

That's 5 high blood herbal medicines that you can make your own, and do not forget also we recommend the herbal remedies with affordable prices and potent so you do not have to bother making it, just check it on www.resepherbal.xyz , thank you.

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