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5 Best Herbal Lowest Cholesterol Medicinal Herbs

Cholesterol is a disease that can cause various other deadly diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and other diseases. High cholesterol is indeed the most feared silent killer today because if not cured it will cause deadly disease.

For those of you who have cholesterol disease or want to prevent high cholesterol should consume cholesterol-lowering herbal medicines. What are some cholesterol-lowering drugs? See the full review below:

1. Daun Green Tea
Herbs for the first cholesterol is green tea leaves that you can make by brewing the tea leaves with 1 cup hot water. Cover and leave for 10 minutes, then drink the herb while warm.

2. Daun Salam
Herbal recipe for cholesterol-lowering is 20 bay leaves and 600 ml of clean water. Wash the bay leaf to clean, then boiled with water and let it until the remaining 200 ml of water alone. Lift, chill, strain, and take herbal medicine from the bay leaves as much as 2x a day.

3. Garlic
Prepare fresh garlic as much as 3 cloves and warm water as much as 150 ml, how to make it with a clean wash of garlic. Then puree the garlic and brewed with warm water before, drink the garlic as much as 2x a day.

4. Avocado fruit
You who like avocado may be happy because it turns out avocado fruit can lower cholesterol. The trick is to take an avocado fruit that has been cooking as much as ½ to 1 ½, then eat avocado fruit the way you like.

5. Temulawak
Ginger is a bad cholesterol-lowering herbal remedy, so you only need 30 grams of fresh ginger, sambiloto, and clean water as much as 600 ml. Wash temu lawak and sambiloto are to clean first, then dry to dry.

After that peel ginger and sliced ​​as necessary, then boiled with clean water and leave until the water remaining 300 ml only. Lift, chill, then strain the herb and do not forget to drink it as much as 2x a day on a regular basis.

That's 5 cholesterol-lowering herbs that you must know, do not forget to visit www.resepherbal.xyz to see various other herbal remedies. Find herbal remedies with all sorts of health-related illnesses, thanks.

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