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4 Ways to Eliminate Kidney Stones With Kidney Stone Herbal Medicines

Kidney stones are a dangerous disease, although it can use medical help, the process of removing kidney stones is painful. No wonder if many people who prefer herbs to remove kidney stones because it feels more efficient and not painful.

For those of you who want to remove kidney stones using herbs kidney stones can use some ways that we will show the following. The way that we provide is guaranteed to treat kidney stones more effectively, without side effects and cheaper of course:

1. Drinking a lot
Herbs for the kidneys are not always a herb because you can remove the kidney stone by drinking 2.8 liters of water per day. To see if you drink a lot of water every day, try to see the color of your urine if it is clear color means you have a lot to drink.

2. Lemon Consumption
Lemon can help to break down kidney stones, you just need to consume up to 125 ml of pure lemon juice every day. Lemon-containing citric acid is able to break down calcium-based stones and make it easier to remove with urine.

3. Consumption of Food Fiber
Another kidney stone herb is to consume dietary fiber such as fresh vegetables and whole grains that can be a daily diet for you. Some foods are rich and contain phytate that can reduce the crystallization of calcium salt and prevent kidney stones.
Add wheat, apples, berries, corn, and fruit or vegetables in your daily diet so your kidney stones disappear.

4. Avoid Soft Drink
Do not drink lots of soft drinks because it can aggravate your kidneys because soft drinks usually contain phosphoric acid that can facilitate the formation of stones. Avoid coffee and tea to avoid kidney stones getting worse, so just drink water.

That's some way of herbal kidney stone that can cure kidney stone disease you are experiencing. Do not forget to look at some other types of herbal remedies for various diseases available at www.resepherbal.xyz , thanks.

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