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4 Herbs Breast Cancer Most Herb Indonesian's

Breast cancer is one dangerous disease because it can take a person's life. Just like cancer in general, it turns out this breast cancer also has a stage with different degrees of disease.

This breast cancer can actually be cured with some types of herbal plant breast cancer is more natural and has no side effects. Curious what are the 4 most effective herbal plants for breast cancer? Let's refer to the following reviews:

1. Noni fruit / Mengkudu
Noni fruit is one of the fruit with a myriad of benefits, one of which is to clean breast cancer. Noni fruit contains dammacanthel which is an anti-cancer substances that can fight cancer cell abnormalities entering the pre-cancer stage.
How to use it is also very easy, you just need to squeeze 2/3 mengkudu fruit first. Then mix with a little honey, do not forget to choose the fruit mengkudu not too ripe for maximum results.

2. Leaf of God / Daun Dewa
This herbal plant of breast cancer is also famous for its ability to fight cancer cells and easy to make its concoction. You only need to provide fresh god leaves, white temulawak and jombang that boiled simultaneously with 600cc water.
The rest of the cooking water you drink every morning to get a better benefit from the god leaves. If you do not really like bitter, it's okay to add a little honey so you can drink it.

3. Tapak Dara
This plant contains alkaloid vinka, vincristine and vinblastin which can inhibit the development of cancer cells in the body. To be able to consume, you only need 22 leaves of tapak dara, bark pulasari and fennel fruit.

Then boil these ingredients with a dose of 3 glasses of water and strain, consume for 1 month for the tread virgin can treat cancer cells. Do it regularly every day for maximum results and the cancer disappears.

4. Benalu
Although considered a pest, it contains parasite saporin, alkaloids, flavoid, and tannins that can eliminate cancer. The trick is to boil 5 grams of parasites, 3 grams of tea leaves, 5 grams of white turmeric, and 600 grams of water and consume 3x a day.

That's the four herbs of breast cancer that we can inform you, do not forget to buy herbal breast cancer drugs officially in www.resepherbal.xyz for breast cancer can disappear without the hassle of making herbs from herbal plants above.

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